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Autor: Tom Rosenthal

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Tom Rosenthal - Quite Short For A Goalkeeper (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Luiz Stockler
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I’m quite short for a goalkeeper
Quite wise for a fool
Quite loose for the rule

I’m quite sane for a wild boy
Quite late for a bird
Quite lonesome for the herd

I never knew but love in the end was you.
I knew nothing.

I’m quite lost for a cartographer
Quite square for a clown
Unworthy of the crown

I'm quite loud for a libraria
Quite young for a judge
Too heavy for a nudge

I just could not see that life in the end was me.
I saw nothing.

I’m quite sick for a sailor
Quite civil for a war
Quite quiet for the roar

I could not show that life in the end would know
We were everything



Verse : Ab, Bb7, Eb, Gm, A
Gm, Cm, Eb, Ab,
Chorus : Bb7, Cm, Eb7, Ab, Bb7, Ab