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Dodany: 2015-04-01 22:46:10

Autor: Pulse Emitter

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waldorfBlofeld (Synthesizer)Synthesizer (Musical Instrument)Ambient Music (Broadcast Genre)wavetable

Waldorf Blofeld synth demo, by Pulse Emitter

Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. All patches 100% custom made, played live with only internal effects used. A wonderful synthesizer, capable of such a wide range of sounds, from ethereal to grating, with many magical occurrences. Very easy to program through the excellent display and programming matrix, yet quite deep and powerful. More smooth sounding than other Waldorfs, and with a great modern sound and look. I love it. If you want analog emulation why not just get a real analog synth? This is a wavetable synth, and it is in those realms that it shines. Also, the latest OS update is a must as the knob control is much improved.

Due to demand I've uploaded a patch that is a good example of the ones I play in this video. Mess around with it, for the greatest variation pick new waveforms for oscillators 1 and 2.!/PulseEmitter