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Waldorf Blofeld - Analog Voltage Soundset - citadeltimesdaily.com

Czas: 33:08

Odsłony: 207 262

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Dodany: 2014-05-09 19:40:45

Autor: Don Solaris

Kategoria: Muzyka

waldorf blofelddemodon solarisanalog voltagesynthesizerblofeld

Waldorf Blofeld - Analog Voltage Soundset

Available at Waldorf store: http://www.waldorfmusic.de/

128 patches total:
60 analog synth style patches
35 analog bass patches
33 additional patches ranging from ambient, classic FM to special FX

By category:
36 Bass type patches
22 Pad type patches
17 Atmo type patches
14 Poly type patches
11 Keys type patches
10 Arpeggio type patches
9 Lead type patches
4 FX type patches
4 Perc type patches

Hello People! BIG THANKS to all who have purchased this set!!! Looking back, this project took several months of work and it had its ups and it's downs. At one point i wasn't sure should i even continue. Then there was a big hole in the project for several months, i just didn't want to work on it and moved to other areas. Eventually i've returned and decided to finish.