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The Night Above The Clouds - Ambient Synth Jam (Blofeld, Specular Tempus, Keystep) - citadeltimesdaily.com

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Dodany: 2017-12-22 13:07:10

Autor: Lanthan O'Ide

Kategoria: Muzyka

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The Night Above The Clouds - Ambient Synth Jam (Blofeld, Specular Tempus, Keystep)

Thanks to my new reverb unit I can finally do some real ambient music!
Today I made a complex, modulated drone and wavetable keys.
Hope you like it! ^^

Plus, it seems like I get to be the first one on Youtube to use
GFI Systems new Specular Tempus reverb with synths! Yay! \^^/
About the setup:
The configuration is pretty straightforward:
The keyboard controls the synth, the synth makes sounds, and the reverb changes the sound.
So Keystep ⇒ Blofeld ⇒ Specular Tempus it is!

The Blofeld is in multi-mode, that way it can play the drone and the keys at the same time.
I can even tweak the parameters of the drone while I'm playing the keys!
That way the soundscape becomes very complex, as I am constantly changing the filter modulation, resonance, phaser strength and speed, LFO speed,...

The Specular Tempus is using the "Spatium" algorithm, the settings are exactly the ones you see in the video.
I did not tweak any of the virtual parameters.
As always, thank you very much for listening!
Also, merry christmas to everyone, and have a great year of 2018! :D
- Lanthan